How to earn money from blogging in 2019

make money by blogging.

hope you get all the answer of you question relatiing on how to monetize your blog
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In this article, I am going to describe how you can earn money from blogging through your existing blog or if you are a new blogger then how you can monetize your new blog.

easiest ways to make money by blogging
  • Can I really earn money by blogging?
  • How much I can earn in a month from blogging?
  • Which blog topic should I choose to make money from it?
  • Can I write about my life and make money from it?
  • What are the various streams of earn money from blogging?

These are a few of the most common questions every blogger at various level (beginners, intermediate)  have in mind. In this guide, I am trying to answer all these questions. And I am also going to show you the best possible ways to earn money by blogging that you can use right away.

These methods have also been used by the topmost bloggers of the world. These are generally tried and tested and successfully operated methods. Top bloggers are earning more than a million dollar a year.

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Before start reading this article make sure you have set up your blog (step 1) or if not I recommend you to read this article.

Can I earn money from blogging?

Sometimes back blogging was just another hobby that a few people did in addition to their full-time jobs. Now, blogging is still functioned the same way but it changes a lot. The competition is growing up on the next level.

According to Netcraft, there are over 1.5 billion websites operating on world wide web and out of which a couple of million sites are actively operating. (Info. source Quora)

In 2019, blogging has become a profitable online profession. People these days do blog not as a passion or as a hobby rather it becomes a full-time profession and a mainstream of income for them. Most of them are also able to earn somewhere between $50k-$60k a year with their countless effort and proper strategy. But an A-lister blogger earns close to a million-dollar every year.

In case you don’t know how to set up a blog properly then read this article.

Now you decide what is a better carrier option for you a 9-5 job circle (living on paycheques) or blogging (self-employed, become your own boss)?

But take blogging as a carrier option is not that easy for anyone. It requires time, patient and consistency for making your first income and the increasing amount of competition makes it tougher to make money from it. But if you can master the skill of content writing and keyword research and also make proper strategies and execute them properly, believe me, you can earn a good amount of money from blogging.

Now, What’s Next.

Go and start your own blogging site. It takes only 20 minutes to start a profitable blog.

All you need to do buy a domain and web hosting service. Create an account and get started.

How much money I can earn from blogging?

Frankly speaking there is not an exact figure or number for it. We can see that there are bloggers who are earning more than $1million/year with their blogs and there are bloggers also who are struggling to make a minimum of $1000/year.

You might think that why there is a huge difference between their earnings? So the simple answer is strategy building and executes them properly. In order to earn a good amount of money from blogging, we need to create proper strategies for it and execute it properly.

Strategies may vary differently for different websites but common strategies are:

  • SEO Optimization: SEO optimization is generally the key strategy for every blogger whether he/she is trying to make money by blogging or not. Because if the blog is not rank on the first page of SERP it will not go to get traffic and no traffic means no money.
  • Keyword Research: The most important step. Always choose those keywords with high search volume but low SEO difficulty.
  • Content Strategy.
earn money from blogging

By working on your strategies and driving targeted audience, you can also become an A-lister blogger or maybe closer to A-lister blogger who is making millions of dollars. The number of these type of blogger is increasing as many of the bloggers started to take blogging as a serious business these days.

What are the various ways or streams to earn money from blogging?

There are various methods out there that you can use to earn money from your blogs. Depending upon the level of your blogging and your niche, you can pick the method that matches your style.

few of the modern ways to earn money by blogging
  1. Ad Networks like AdSense (offered by Google),
  2. Direct Advertisements
  3. Affiliate Marketing (one of the best platform)
  4. Paid reviews/Sponsored posts
  5. Sell Digital products (e-Books, Blueprints)
  6. Start an Online Course
  7. Provide Online Consulting
  8. Become a Freelancer. (offer services based on your skills)

Apart from traditional advertising, you can work on other monetization ticks as well.

Let’s discuss a few of these topics in details

1. Ad Networks(beginners, intermediates)

Monetize your blog through CPC (cost per click)

The first one is Ad Networks, which are the simplest and most used method by bloggers to monetize their blogs.

The two most popular Ad Networks are

  • Google AdSense(offered by Google)

Below a screenshot of Adsense earning of one of the top bloggers of India Harsh Agrawal:

For getting approval for these ad networks you need to have a blog website. These networks show ads automatically on the basis of the context of your article and also based on users interests and search queries.

AdSense is generally the best ad platform simply because of its high-quality ads, but the main problem is that which I also mentioned above is getting AdSense approval. Even though a six-month-old domain sometimes get refused from approval.

Unique content is not just the only factor for getting approval from Adsense. There are a few more other factors as well that AdSense takes into consideration before giving your site approval.

If you have a traffic of fewer than 300 visitors/day getting the approval of these two biggest ad networks (AdSense & Media.Net) will be very tough. Small blogs can never get approval from these two ad networks.

So, in this case, I have found a few other good ad networks for new bloggers for fast approval.

Although there are a lot of ad networks out there in the industry. But not all of them are good. Be aware of them.

If you are new to the blogging & and try to find ways to earn money from your blogs through ad networks but have very low traffic to your blog, then you can use these three trustworthy and reliable ad networks which you can use right away to monetize your blogs. They are very friendly to the new bloggers.

3 Ad Networks for getting fast approval


a secondary option for making money from blog

Propellerads are the CPM ad network which is best suited for any beginner or intermediate bloggers.

CPM ads, or “cost per 1000 impression”, ads are a network that pays you a fixed amount of money base on how many people saw your ads.

What’s all you need to do is that sing up or register then

  • Create an ad
  • Then place it on to your blog
  • You can make anywhere between $1-$5 for 1000 views
  • Minimum payout is around $25

It is very easy to start with Propellerads & they pay using Payoneer and few other methods.


pop ads are one of the best ways to make make money from your blog

PopAds is a premium ad network.

This is a very good ad network for small publishers and as well as beginners because they don’t have any minimum traffic requirements.

PopAds starts in 2010.  They generally allow all kind of blog content including illegal and adult sites also.

If you are going to signup in this ad network, make sure to set up an auto-withdrawal option. In this way, you will get the payments automatically once you reach the minimum payout threshold.

And yes the approval is instant.

Pros of PopAds

  1. It has high CPM rates as compared to other ad networks.
  2. It doesn’t require any minimum traffic to your blogs.
  3. Minimum Payout is around $5.
  4. Auto money withdrawal.

Cons of PopAds

  1. Payment modes (Paypal & Payoneer)


revenue hits is also a good option for monetize your blog

Revenue Hits is quite different from any other network I mentioned till now in this blog.

They don’t pay for clicks or impressions. They only pay when a click is turned into action. For example, if an advertiser needs the information of the user they generally use this method for advertising.

The blogger or the publisher place the code on their article. Whenever a visitor clicks the ads and gives their information (name & e-mail id). The publisher (you) gets paid.

They pay $10-$50 per action. And the minimum payout is $50. And they also send money directly to your bank account as well.

With this method, you can easily make $10-$100 a day.

This ad network is very suitable for a small publisher and beginners for making money by blogging.


  1. It has a very high CPA rate.
  2. Instant verification.
  3. Good support.


  1. They only pay for an action. They don’t use methods like CPC or CPM.

It is always good to have a collection of ad networks for any entry-level blogger.

These small ad networks may not be as popular as other premium networks such as Google AdSense and Media.Net or similar any other, but they ensure that new bloggers should also get the joy of making money by blogging.

If you are already using these contextual advertisements but not making enough money that you want, then you should try moving to direct advertisement or affiliate advertisement.

2. Direct Advertisement

When it comes to monetizing your blogs through advertisement, there is no question that AdSense is the best platform for it. But it has its own limitations. The first one is getting the approval and the second one is paid per click, you only get paid when someone clicks the ads, otherwise not.

In a direct advertisement, you can directly connect with the brand or a company and start promoting their product and services. Through display ads, promotional messages, follow up messages or emails, etc.

So every time you manage to grab this kind of direct advertisement opportunities, replace those AdSense units (if you get the approval) with direct ads instead.

For finding this kind of direct advertisement opportunities, you can try AdClerks or use a plugin WPAdvancedAds. These kind of ads are one of the best, most stable and highest paying.

You should have to create a detailed advertisement page and also have to create a professional email address like an [email protected] (your domain name).

If you have a good amount of traffic on your blogs you can get this kind of deals easily.

3. Affiliate Marketing or advertisement

monetize your blog through affiliate is the best option.

Stages of Affiliate marketing:

Merchant >>>website links>>>customer click a link>>>sent to the merchant site through link>>>>customer makes the purchase>>>affiliate network record the purchase and confirm a valid sale>>>transaction is credited to the referring affiliate website>>>affiliate get paid his commission.

Affiliate marketing or advertisement is one of the best methods to make money by blogging since a single sale through your links can make you a lot of money as a commission than a single click on an ad.

This is something that has been used by most of the bloggers these days and one of the most profitable avenues to make money by blogging.

In below you can see a screenshot of an affiliate income of one month period of one of the biggest blogger of India Harsh Agrawal:

a report of affiliate income from blogging
Here are some of the most popular and profitable Affiliate Marketing Marketplace that you can join:
  1. Amazon Affiliate Program
  2. ShareASale
  3. Commission Junction
  4. Awin

There is a way more affiliate marketplace available to choose from and 100,000+ products to promote.

The only requirement is to have blogging niche with high search volume but the low competition then finds products according to your niche and start promoting.

And the great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can use it on any blogging platform and you can also promote it through your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Here what you need to do is that share your unique link of an affiliate product to your recommending and groups. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your affiliate links you will get a commission. And in this way, you can end up earning a huge amount of commission.

Affiliate marketing is the proven way how an A-lister blogger makes more than $1 million dollars a year.

4. Sell a digital product (e-books)

If you closely follow the topmost blogger in the world you can see that they have their own something to sell such as e-books, software and maybe merchandises as well. But the most common thing is selling an e-book.

How to write an ebook?

For writing an e-book all you need to do is to select a niche or topic (maybe a trending one), write down an e-book on that topic, and put it on sale on your website or on Amazon. Once you gain a good amount of experience from it you can generate a good amount of money from it.

And you can use freelancing networks like Fiverr to get someone to design covers for your books in case you don’t want to do it by yourself. And if you want to sell your own product or merchandise you can use WooCommerce. It can also help you to generate a passive income. And you can sell someone else’s product as well in your website using WooCommerce in exchange for a commission.

5. Start an online course

An online course is a great way to make money. But there are a few conditions to be filled:

  • Are you get nervous in front of the camera?
  • Can you speak in one language fluently?
  • Can you convert your texts into a video format?
  • Can you provide downloadable resources, checklist, etc in your videos?
  • Can you create a video of 1-2 hours for your customers with full of content?

If your answer is yes in all the cases, then go ahead, you will definitely get the success. With the increasing amount of technology, launching an online course becomes easy and if your content is unique and people find value in it chances of reaching your first $1 million are very high.

Few platforms that you can use are

  • LearnDash
  • Thinkfic
  • Udemy

There are few other platforms available as well to create and sell your online course.

6. Become a freelancer (provide services based on your skills)

 free lancer is a good option for make money by work for other as well as

Although becoming a freelancer doesn’t fall under monetizing a blog or earn money from blogging. But this is one of the best ways to earn money. Based on your skills you can provide different kind of services like content writing, you can create logos, provide SEO service, PPC, SMM and so on.

At the initial level, it can help you to make around $2000/month depending on your services. And not just that, it also helps you to become better day by day.

When you get a lot of experience and gets the popularity you can even start your own agency of digital marketing services.

All you need to do is to find a good team, create a page on your blog or website, give detail information about the services that you are offering. And make sure the page gets maximum visibility on your website, and if needed put the page link on every one of your blogs.

Make sure that your audience finds your details to contact you and make an inquiry about your services.  Don’t forget to mention all the clients that you are working for. This puts a positive impact on the mind of your new prospect.

7. Provide online consulting

If you already have an established audience base for your blog this method is perfect for you. With this, you can help brands to reach the there targeted audience by running a different ad campaign for them.

For this, first of all, you need to collaborate with a brand, then running webinars for them, podcast, even paid ads or video marketing as well.

Right now this becomes the hottest way to monetizing blogs. If you have an established audience base always keep your eyes open to find this kind of opportunities.

Can I write about my life and make money from it?

start earn money from your blog writing about your life story

So the answer is ‘Yes’ you can. Actually, this is one of the most growing forms of blogging. People talked about their daily life and try to create a community around it.

Although this method works better on a video format like video blogging or Vlogging on YouTube rather in a writing format. People generally find it more engaging and love to connect with this kind of community.

Some of the popular topic to talk about is
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Motivation
  • Entertainment
  • Technology.

The key here to get success is entertaining people. And visual content is much more entertaining and eye catchy or attractive than a bunch of written text.

If you provide entertaining content to the audience they will start joining your community and it will start growing. A brand always targets this kind of growing community for their products. Based on your niche and style of content you will get brands for collaboration. If your niche is related to fashion then you will get a fashion related brand for collaboration and for females makeup brands as well.

These days a lot of beginners ask, should I focus on blogging or Vlogging?

 Well, it’s good to have a combination of both but in two different niches or topic. One can help another to get traffic.

Producing a video content (recording, editing, and publishing) is required time and money as well whereas a text content takes lesser time (it always good to have a team of at least 4 members).  Having a mix of both will help you grow faster and helps you to earn a significant amount of money.

In earlier days bloggers only depended on AdSense to make money from blogging. But now we have many more other ad networks (mentioned above) and monetization methods available in the industry which we can use to increase the income to a great extent.

Which topic should I choose in order to earn money by blogging?

If in case you don’t want to speak about your daily life and wondering about a few of the best topic from a blog monetization perspective, then you should consider a few factors before the start.

  • Passion: It is a very important factor for anything you are going to do in life. If you are passionate about anything, that might look easier for you. And the same thing is applied in blogging as well. So always go for the things that you are already passionate about or have any kind of interest in, because those things don’t make you feel bored whenever you sit to write a blog on any topic. And you might also have some kind of mastery in it, and other people call you to take your opinion. For example, Cars, Finance, Fashion, etc.

So take a pen-paper or open your note pad, label it as “Passion list”, note down every topic that you are passionate about or have an interest and you write an article for your website.

  • Trend and Traffic:  Keep in mind whatever the topic you are going to choose from your “Passion list” ensure that the topic has a decent amount of traffic and interest. The trend will give you a proper idea of whether the topic is growing or dying. You can use tools like ( an absolutely free tool) to measure the traffic trend of any topic.
  • Monetization:  This is one of the most important factors that you have to consider before starting your blog. This will help you find profitable blogging ideas in an option for monetization. There is a lot of ways to monetize your blog. It might be Ad Networks such as Adsense or the other networks that we already have discussed in this article, and you can also do affiliate marketing as well.

For an example of monetization. We know that “Whatsapp” and “Instagram” are the topics which are growing very fast, people are becoming passionate about it, but it’s monetization sucks. Despite being a growing trend and a high number of searches with a lot of traffic making a good amount of money from these topics is not possible. Because you neither found relevant ads nor product to promote through an affiliate.

  • Competition: This might be in the last but not the least factor. So before selecting any topic check the competition of that. And for this, you can use tools like ‘Ubbersuggest’ (it’s a free tool offered by Neil Patel) or Ashraf (premium tool).

If you need to choose between 2-3 topics, always pick the one with low or medium competition. Picking up a broader niche with the high competition may take an extra few months to excel it. So always keep this in mind.

Now when we have finished off our discussion on how to earn money from blogging or how to monetize our blog, let’s quickly discuss how to receive those payments.

How can I receive Payments?

That might be another question that you may think. Well, I am going to tell you 5 of the most popular ways to receive payments from all over the world. And these are the most popular ways by which these companies make payments.

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Transfer wise
  • Wire transfer (direct to your bank)
  • CoinBase (Crypto payment)

Once you start making money from your blog, I will recommend you to sign up all the above website which let you receive payment. They all are free to join and quite easy to use.

And if you want to work as a freelancer than also you can use these platforms for transferring money.

hope you get all the answer of you question relating on how to make money from blogging

I hope this article helps you to gain some amount of knowledge on how to earn money by blogging. And helps you to clear all your doubts.

If you find this article helpful please leave a comment below and share it.

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