What is Blogging?

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In this blog, I am going to give you complete knowledge about blogging in a short and simple manner and also going to clear all your doubts about starting a blog.

Do you want to become a blogger and generate a stream of income?

Blogging is generally a part of digital marketing where a person calls blogger gives detail information about a particular topic which he/she has a knowledge, they are also known as a content writer. And this profession is in demand in the job market and it increases day by day.

If you are a student you can do blogging or content writing on your own website or as a freelancer for any agency or for other bloggers and can earn a good amount of money while you are studying. And one can make a professional career in it.

Blogging is the most essential part of any corporations website to rank well on Google. Even the big enterprises like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc have their own blogs on their particular websites because Google bots or spiders want new and fresh content to rank a website on google regarding their particular sector so everyone tries to update their website regularly with new and fresh contents regarding their products and services.

How we can do it?

The answer is quite simple we also can do blogging like them because our competition is not with them. Even there was no competition, you just have to give what google ask from you to do on your on the page. If you can give all that google ask from you than your competitor, you will definitely be going to get rank better then your competitors.

Google will rank your page on the basis of your content and your writing skills, like how unique your writing skills are. If you copy it from someone you never going to rank on Google because and they may ban your website for plagiarism, so always try to be unique with your words and try to publish your blogs regularly.

And always use images because it has its own words to speak ( always use alt text for your images because Google can’t understand images and it also makes your blogs more eye-catchy and it also helps you to rank better on Google.

How does blogging work?

It works same as a newspaper or a book but in digital form through the internet because it also contains a bulk of information regarding a particular topic or if it is news proving website then it provides a lot of information regarding various topics in a daily basis. But maintaining this kind of website is not easy for a single person it requires a team effort.

After you upload your blogs to the world of internet you have to let people know about it means you have to market your blog through different medium of marketing (we will discuss all those medium in our upcoming blogs). When you have done this all, people will start reading your blogs and you can ask them to subscribe to your blog for farther notifications. And you can monetize your blogs by running through Google AdWords to earn a good amount of income.

A good quality blog means

Good content (high search volume) + unique writing skill+ good quality of images (never use copyright images) + good marketing skills+ good analytics skill.

start your blogging carrier in a few step
find a niche of your interest and start your journey.

Reading up to that you might think Should I start my own blog?

The most common misconceptions about starting a blog for a new blogger is that you need to have a great writing skill to be a successful blogger. But the most important thing is that you need to have basic knowledge about that particular topic that you are going to write about and have to focus on spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (you can use Grammarly software {both paid and premium available} for check grammar mistakes). People read blogs to get a personal point of view or to get knowledge or to collect information relating to their queries, so most of the blogger write their blogs in a FAQ style.

In addition, you don’t need to be an expert on your topic as I mentioned you need to have basic knowledge on your niche or topic to have a successful blog. For example, if someone searches on Google for food recipe for a dish he/she doesn’t want to read a book from a food scientist, they just want to hear the experience of someone who actually prepared that dish, mistakes and all.

A complete tutorial on how to set up a bolg on WordPress

To be a successful blogger there is only a few requirements: a passion for your topic, time, patience, and a website.

At its heart, blogging is tied in with giving your insight to the world. Picking a point that you are energetic about makes the way toward beginning an effective blog so a lot less demanding. Writing on multiple topics is absolutely fine as well. For whatever length of time that you are writing on things that you are truly intrigued by, your passion will shine through and keep your readers interested.

  • Make money online from home. Blogging can be a quite successful and profitable carrier if done correctly and properly for a long period of time because it doesn’t generate any revenue at the start. The top bloggers of the world obviously earn a good amount of money, but even a part-time blogger can generate a good profit if everything done in a correct manner and on a trending topic e.g. a news website. The best part about blogging is that you can do it from your home at your own space and can generate a passive income of your own just by working a few hours a week writing blog posts.

If we take the example of housewives and retired professional who has a basic knowledge of computer, blogging can generate a passive income for them as well. A housewife who spends most of their time in household works like cooking food for the family, decorating the house, raising their kids becoming a master of their work so they can share their experiences with the world through blogging and can generate a stream of income.

  • Share your own story. A blog always allows you to share your story with the entire world. People will love to know about your personal life like what drives you to this field, what are the mistakes you made when you start your blogging carrier, your daily routine, experience, etc.
  • Recognition for yourself or your business. No, you probably not going to make millions of followers on your social media platforms or have paparazzi following you around for your success in blogging. But it can give you tons of recognition in your respective field.
  • Build a community. It helps to make a community of your own, whenever you write and publish a blog post people comment on it. This is generally an effective way to connect with people who are also interested in the same thing as you. Blogging allows you to teach these people based on your ideas and experience, it also provides you the opportunity to learn from your readers too.
Moreover It can also
  • position you as a leader and expert in your industry.
  • open doors to worldwide networking and provides you the opportunity to provide information to the world
  • gives you opportunities that you may never have dreamed of
  • help you to sell your services and products while you snooze
  • create a platform to reach a global audience
  • be the means to an independent career and business
  • offer global travel
  • leverage your time and effort with powerful tools and technologies.

And we are just getting started!

Now before we leap in, you will probably have some nagging doubts about whether you can do this.

Doubt no.1

The barrier to finding the start button

fight for your dream to achieve the goals of your life by breaking all the barriers
break the barrier of life.

Blogging involves putting your ego and credibility on the line every time you hit the “publish” button. This awareness can lead to a potential blogger writing 10 or 20 articles offline and they never see the light of online day.

Blogging when embraced and focused can be a synthesis of your life’s passions, innate abilities, and undiscovered talents. It can be a facilitator of both personal change and self-development. It can transform both your life and your reader’s life – don’t let that awful responsibility stop you.

The thought of potentially more than a million people reading your imperfect ideas can be the barrier to your brilliant blogging career and maybe a more fulfilled life.

So what are the reasons and excuses that may stop you before you even cross the start line?

Doubt no.2

Do these sound familiar?

1. Perfection: The impossible goal of perfection:

You are not ever going to create a blog post that is free of grammatical errors and expression.

In your mind, the concept of your content will often seem to be flawed and your article structure clunky. Wrestle and wrangle give your articles into shape, check it, shut your eyes and then hit publish.

There is one distinct advantage of the digital world over the printed word. After it is placed and published before the world you can also go back and edit your masterpiece.

2. My ideas are not Original

There is nothing to think too much about it. I am sorry to say but there are not many original ideas under the sun. Many people’s work who we perceive as geniuses, such as writer, painters, and musicians, are in fact mashups and remixes with a twist.

Henry Ford – “I invented nothing new, I simply assembled the discoveries of other men behind whom there were centuries of work”.

Be prepared to stand in the shoulder of the big giants put your uniqueness. Art of creativity starts with copying, then transforming and finally combining with your own remix.

3. Relationship: My relationships are too important

Blogging does require time and commitment. Potential bloggers who start sometimes never give excuses like “it will take me away from my family and friends”.

Make the time. Stop wasting your times on unnecessary things. Get up early or stay late. You owe it to yourself and guess what…you may earn a lot of respect.

4. I am not a genius

I am sorry to say the word genius is overrated. Many people who achieve tremendous success are sometimes seen as gifted and lucky. Don’t let this urban myth stop you from achieving your dream.

Couple up your passion with your innate abilities, add some determination and persistence and then see the magic happen.

5. I am not a writer

This one gets rolled time and time again. But don’t worry in this case you can use content curation process which means collecting and reading the blogs of the top 5 to 6 bloggers from your particular niche and taking an idea from it and write it down in your own way.

The web is a multimedia playground. There is nothing to stop you video blogging (Gary Vaynerchuk was a champion at that). The rise of a visual web is also making “visual blogging” a reality. Many areas of interest such as travel, food, and fashion are more about communicating with photos more than the text.

The solution:

“Just ship it!”

Don’t wait for perfection to strike or genius to arrive. The time has come to buckle up, turn the key and hit the accelerator.

with the advancement and the growing number of internet increase the number of blog readers for different topic.

The good news now is that the internet is exploding at a very higher growth rate. The number of people using the internet is more than ever and it increases day by day at a very higher percentage. This explosive growth means more and more readers for your blog posts. So if you are planning to start your blogging carrier there is no better time than right now.

growing number of internet users is shown by a chart.

With this blog, I also start my own professional blogging career as well, before that I am working as a content writer for someone else. Hopefully, you guys also going to start your own blogging career with me.

So that’s it from my side for today and my next 2 blogs are going to be how to start a blog from scratches starting from buying a domain name to set up a word press and many more things and how to market it as well using social media platform.

social media platforms.
My blogging journey starts from here.

So I started my blogging journey from today, why are you waiting for, lets started together and achieve great success.

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Until then bye.


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